Re: Shore power contactor burnt out

Matt Salatino

Clearly high resistance in that terminal block. Unfortunately, this isn’t so uncommon.
In our 32 years of boat ownership, we found that electrical terminations are just another item to be maintained.
May I suggest, when replacing this terminal block, use a nonconducting, oxidation-preventing gel to eliminate oxygen exposure to the wire ends. There are several brands... Corrosion-X, I-nox, etc.....


On Aug 25, 2019, at 4:12 PM, Thomas Peacock <peacock8491@...> wrote:

Once again, the value of this group astounds me. Because of this thread, I checked the contactor box in the cockpit lazarette. The terminal block connecting three wires was close to failing and/or starting a small fire. Not sure why. But replacement of this lets me sleep much more easily. The rest of the gear in the box looked ok, but tough to say how the inside of the main switch is. 
Tom Peacock
Aletes SM 240
Chesapeake Bay US


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