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John Clark

Agree as well. 

I have had experiences with venders that was good and bad requiring explaination.   No we shouldn't wontonly black list vendors without cause, and some discussion would be enlightening to others.  

I too am with IMIS with a Jackline policy after my long-term insurance provider in the UK backed out of Caribbean basin.  Knowledgible and responsive US based insurance.  More expensive than before but so is everyone else after that bad year.  

On Sun, Aug 25, 2019, 10:14 AM Matt Salatino via Groups.Io <> wrote:
We vemently agree! :-)


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Hi Matt,
   Agree 100% with your statement that censorship does a disservice to us all and carefully filtered info is not helpful. I think opinions though, be they positive or negative, are much more helpful if they are supported by some facts. So the point I was making was simply that being "warned to avoid" with no facts supporting that opinion didn't seem helpful in making an informed decision - it's kind of like somebody's experience with no information attached. Then again, the venerable Consumer Reports organization gives "Customer Satisfaction" ratings in addition to their factual test-based ratings. However, those are not single data points as are prevalent in forums like this.
   Btw, I forgot to mention in my earlier post that there's an excellent recorded Webinar on buying insurance put on by SSCA that's available on their web site. It was initially developed by Al Golden of IMIS.  Interestingly, Al put me off of Pantaenius many years ago with some fact-based opinion - at the time, the Pantaenius product was a "Named Perils" type of policy (only covering their list of perils, albeit quite comprehensive). His Jackline policy through Markel was an "All-risk" policy that covered any type of loss unless specifically excluded. Being a Broker, he did offer to sell me the Pantaenius policy if I really wanted it - I stuck with Jackline.  Pantaenius switched to "All-risk" a couple of years later and I went there for the savings, so there's another twist available to you; stick with a Broker like IMIS who has a great reputation for service but get the product of the insurer you want. Then again, I've had excellent response from Pantaenius USA (albeit no claims).
  Happy shopping,  Craig

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