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Patrick McAneny

Bill, I agree and would not put that kind of weigh on the seats. I placed a 4x4 across the cockpit resting on the coaming next to the winches,I further spread the load with a 2x6 under it along with padding . I used a come along to provide lift and positioned it slightly aft of the lifting point on the engine ,so it was inclined to move aft away from the trans, moved the lifting point slightly forward  to move the engine forward to reinstall.
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Very Interesting thread on engine lift using a beam on cockpit seats. 

I saw a SM with delaminated fiberglass on the cockpit seat exactly where a beam you describe would rest on the seat. I never connected the seat delamination to an engine lift, which I believe occurred on that SM. NOW, I DO.

I doubt the seat is designed to take significant weight. I would CAUTION this practice. 


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On Thu, Aug 29, 2019, 4:57 AM christian alby via Groups.Io <> wrote:
We did it already on our Maramu, lifting off & replacing engine afloat.
A stout piece of timber on top of engine, resting on cockpit side benches & main sheet did the trick once the engine was disconnected from its holding bolts fastenings to the support frame ...
This was the hard part 
- one nut on rear aft stb side gave poor access with the famous 1/8th of a turn with open wrench already grinded to enter space betwen batteries compartment & engine base; guess you can expect one of those
- engine base & mountings stuck by grease, & salt & whatever when trying to lift first, high resistance countered using crowbar & wooden block & wedges & sledgehammer (cautious when beating).
- removal of shaft was easy enough (4 bolts & nuts 10mm) then moved by hand; reverse to connect checking alignement respected when reinstating (clock markings on flange helped)
all makes an interesting day of work, & good Opportunity to clean Bottom & repair paint work. Satisfaction when completed - do not forget to check tightening of bolts on support frame after a while running - they come loose unless you Added loctite on threads.

Meanwhile fair winds & Following seas 

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Le jeudi 29 août 2019 à 05:28:30 UTC−4, smiles bernard via Groups.Io <> a écrit :

HI there
When we dis this on our Maramu we just put a i-Beam across the (padded) cockpit coaming and then used a lifting tackle off that 
It worked well and was very simple 
I presume the same would apply for the Mango but i'm not sure if you have the same lifting cockpit floor engine access?
All the best

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