Re: Lift the Perkins 4236 on a Mango

Dan Wilcox

I recently swapped out my Perkins Prima M80T for a Beta Marine 85.  I used the following engine support bar.

Inline image

It spans perfectly across the seats of a Super Maramu.

As far as the Beta goes, Isolated ground, no computer, super quiet, no vibration, very fuel efficient (1,800rpm = 7.2 knts), and plenty of torque.  We are extremely happy with it after running for 150 hours this summer so far.

Thanks, Dan
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On Thursday, August 29, 2019, 07:37:05 AM PDT, James Alton via Groups.Io <lokiyawl2@...> wrote:


    I changed the original Amel mounts on my 1987 Maramu with a 4-154 Perkins this past June.   I attached the main haylard, the mizzen staysail halyard and a backup line looped over the mizzen spreaders to the end of the main boom and then used my HD Harken main sheet to do the actual lifting between the boom and the engine, running the tail to a winch on the mizzen mast.  A single haylard in theory could easily support the engine but it only takes a small amount of time to add more support and you do not want to drop an engine.  I also added a safety line for the lift between the boom and the engine which I adjusted at regular intervals going up and down.   A chain hoist if you have one is a great tool to use as was suggested.  The engine lifted easily and was no problem to reposition on my boat.  I did not need to remove the engine hatch or anything else major, great design work by Amel for this eventuality.  I also replaced all of the isolation dampers in the Vetus coupling.  The driveline is super smooth now, no vibration at all.  Despite this I checked the alignment again at 50 hours and as suspected the engine had settled a bit on the new mounts which is normal based on the many other mounts I have changed.  Best of luck with your project.  
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On Aug 29, 2019 11:59 AM, Frederic F <fgf@...> wrote:
Hi Amelowners,

we intend to change the engine mountings on our Perkins 4236 and did order the rubber parts from Amel. Now we need to lift the engine to get the old ones out and the new rubber underneath. Has anyone of you an idea whats the most pleasant way to lift the engine? We thought to use a pulley or something similar. Would be really great if anyone of you has some tips for us.

Thank you in advance.

Family Fießer 
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