Re: Lifting an engine using a beam on cockpit seats



I am sure that you are correct. I also expect that some seats will take the weight and others will not; and some people spread the weight out on the seats, and others do not.

The point I was trying to make was I saw a delaminated seat in exactly the spot where a beam would have rested. I couldn't figure out why it delaminated, now I am fairly certain why. 


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On Thu, Aug 29, 2019 at 4:30 PM Alejandro Paquin <alex.paquin@...> wrote:
Hell Bill, I agree the seats are not suitable support for lifting the engine out of the engine compartment, BUT you can use the surface around the Lewmar winches in the cockpit to place a beam, if you put suitable wood supports and spead the weight over a larger area and secure the beam so it won´t move.
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