Re: Air conditioner seawater pump won’t start

Rudolf Waldispuehl

Hi Dean
The Pump should start after the Aircon Blower starts, also without having the temp on low (means without compressor). At leased on my Boat. 
It happens to me as well after long period of not using. You can use a screwdriver and turn the pump manually at the whole in the back where the air-vent is. After some turns it starts, it seems it is just a bit blocked after a while. 
The problem is known and you even find in Amel owners manual.  
WASABI A54-#55

On 30 Aug 2019, at 19:44, SY STELLA <stella@...> wrote:

Hi gang,
I just fired up my AC (not used at all this year!), because I want to make sure I can put antifreeze through the system.   My Calpeda seawater pump is not running, and I’m wondering why? ...

1. I’m measuring 240V at both ACTIVE AND NEUTRAL TERMINALS with reference to ground, but zero bolts between the ACTIVE and NEUTRAL. 
Seems like one terminal is being driven and the other is showing up through the winding, but is not being connected at the pump controller. Relay not activated? 

2. Is it just too cold for it to start. The ambient temp is lower than the lowest temp I can set the AC to, so I maybe the system won’t even try to start the pump?

if that’s the case, does anyone know how to fill the system into starting the pump so I can put Antifreeze into the lines?

Alternatively maybe the pump should always run, and there is a different problem ??  Anytime I’ve fired up my aircon in the past, the ambient temp has been high and I’m 90% sure the seawater pump starts immediately.

Would appreciate any guidance!

many thanks
SY Stella

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