Re: Air conditioner seawater pump won’t start


It is likely the starting capacitor inside the wiring junction box on the top of the Calpeda BCM20/E pump. Note the photo shows an aluminum case capacitor. Absolutely use an aluminum case 10uf capacitor. Calpeda distributes this pump with either a plastic or aluminum capacitor. The plastic will not stand the heat.

If it is not the capacitor, it may be the fuse. Amel used an automotive glass-type fuse in SM and possibly all 54s. It is located inside the CLIMMA Control box in the engine room.

I hope this helps.


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On Sat, Aug 31, 2019 at 11:36 AM Matt Salatino via Groups.Io <> wrote:
Sounds like a starting capacitor is bad.


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Hi Dean,

I turn on the AC and nip into the engine room with a screwdriver. It is trying to turn but can not quite make it without my help. No kickback really. I had that pump apart and reckoned it was on it’s last legs, but that was two years ago and it is still going. I should buy a spare, but it is not really essential for the running of the boat and we are not in marinas much. Having said that in Greece this summer, when connected to shore power a bit of AC for a siesta is quite nice!

In Scotland you will be more in need of heating! How was the condensation this summer? On my last boat we spent a summer on the west coast and loved it, but the portholes and hatches were covered each morning with heavy condensation.


AML 54-019
On 31 Aug 2019, at 16:44, SY STELLA <stella@...> wrote:

Hi Nick,
Ah the old screwdriver trick. That’s usually my first port of call too!  Do you try to turn it when it’s powered up? Is there a kickback when it spins up?  I’ve always powered it down first, then give it a few spins with screwdriver and then it seems to go. 
The AC pump on my last boat was exactly the same each spring.
SY Stella

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