Re: Air conditioner seawater pump won’t start

Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi Nick and Dean, i will repeat again my mantra. Regularly spray crc 66 marine in and around the motor and you are unlikely to have the problem again. Likewise for all pumps, alternators, starter motors and associated electrical connections. If crc 66 marine is not available WD 40 is an alternative. There are those who advocate corrosion x for this  and i am sure it is a fine product and I use it myself in some applications but it leaves a greasy film which after multiole applications becomes quite unsightly and since the crc has worked for me for many years I am staying with it



SM 299

Ocean Pearl

On 01 September 2019 at 03:44 SY STELLA <stella@...> wrote:

Hi Nick,
Ah the old screwdriver trick. That’s usually my first port of call too!  Do you try to turn it when it’s powered up? Is there a kickback when it spins up?  I’ve always powered it down first, then give it a few spins with screwdriver and then it seems to go. 
The AC pump on my last boat was exactly the same each spring.
SY Stella

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