Re: Chain and Anchor

Ian Park

Hi Herbert,
Can’t comment on the chain as I’ve never had stainless. Guess it might settle better in the anchor locker.
We have the 25kg Rocna on our Santorin and not had any problem with it. With 100m of 10mm galvanised chain I was concerned about the total weight on the bow. Mind you I haven’t yet put out more than 50 metres.
I’ve also got a Spade stowed away and 37 and 16 Fortress. I had a 45lb CQR but gave it away to the OCC Port Officer in Dominica. Would work well on one of the local fishing boats!
Would be interesting to hear from other Santorin owners.

Best wishes

Ian and Linda

Ocean Hobo SN 96
Currently in the Limfjord, Denmark waiting for a good wind for Scotland!

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