Re: [Amel] New Set of Sails (Galveston to the Keys trip in March)


I'll call you when I get to Galveston...might drop by when I'm in Kemah getting my EPIRB, dinghy, life raft, and outboard.
Look forward to having you and your daughter aboard for the shakedown.

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Subject: RE: [Amel] New Set of Sails (Galveston to the Keys trip in March)
Date: Tuesday, February 24, 2009, 8:19 AM


My contact information below

Jenobi Inc.

10400 Westoffice Drive

Suite 111

Houston Texas 77042

Main 281 535 6400

Cell 281 831 0398

Fax 832 209 7252

http://www.jenobi. com <http://www.jenobi. com/>

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Great, Mel, I look forward to meeting you as well. There may be one or even two previous Amel owners in Galveston for
the Shakedown in the Bay, and a good chance one will go with us to the Keys.
I'll be in Galveston Sat. early afternoon, probably won't have Kristy in the water until Mon. or Tues. (or Wed) We'll
play it by ear. You can reach my cell phone at 828 234 6819, I'll have it with me.

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Subject: RE: [Amel] New Set of Sails (Galveston to the Keys trip in March)
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I am located in Kemah so let me know a good place and time and we can get together. Our Amel has not sailed yet so I
have no experience with this boat but have many years overall sailing experience and 8 yrs in Galveston Bay so am happy
to do some shakedown with you and my 19 year old daughter would also be happy to help if available (she works on the

Coastal to the keys is a longish trip, I have friends who have sailed across the GOM and I have been offshore. It is not
a place to be finding out about your boat in my view, seas can be unpleasant and it is very crowded offshore Texas and
Louisiana with oil platforms etc, not all of which carry lights.

I look forward to meeting you



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Subject: RE: [Amel] New Set of Sails (Galveston to the Keys trip in March)

Hi, Jim, John, and Mel (And George Cerillo if you're out there.)
Haven't talked to you for a while. I'm still hoping to take the boat from Galveston to the Keys around Mar 5 and hoped
we could get together while I'm down there. I've run into a snag with the del.capn who scheduled another delivery since
I couldn't give him a firm date for departure. I'm hoping to hook up with you or another Amel owner down that way
before I leave who'd be willing to take a daysail or two with me in the bay before I set sail to help me get familiar
with the boat's systems and quirks before we leave. There's an Mango being refit in Kemah who's project foreman (Mel)
and owner (John) said they'd like to get together while I'm there. Might be fun to get all of us together for a sail on
the bay and a few beers or a bottle of wine. I'll be there from midday Sat 2/28 until we depart. Are you interested?

Jim, I'd reallly be interested in the upgrades you've done to Pao-San and anything else you have to offer. I went ahead
and ordered the 145% genoa and the 110% high-cut jib on the recommendation of several owners and others. I also have a
storm sail that's never been used that attaches around the furled headsail if it get's stronger than 35-40 kts. There
are also the ballooner and an assymetrical spinnaker that are in good shape but stained pretty badly from being left wet
in the locker for a while. I think there may be a jib for the mizzen as well, but haven't actually seen it yet.

I've ordered The Cap'n and some charts for it as well as paper charts for this trip, but am trying to figure out how to
charge/power the laptop and my satphone with the current electrical setup. I'll wait a while before I buy a dedicated
chartplotter until I decide what I really want and/or need. Any suggestions about the laptop and satphone? I think all
I really need is to have the current 12v outlet changed to a cigarette-lighter type outlet, then I'd be golden. Don't
really want to have to charge using 220v AC power even though the charger is supposed to work on 220 volt with an
adapter. What do you use the two-hole 12v receptacle for on your boat...or am I misunderstanding something?

I'm about to decide to take the boat myself with the help of a couple of other sailors I know who don't have serious
passage-making experience. We'd probably go coastally to the keys instead of straight across the Gulf. Any thoughts
about that?
Thanks for any help you can give me.
Kent Robertson
karkauai@yahoo. com <mailto:karkauai%>
828 234 6819

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Subject: RE: [Amel] New Set of Sails
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Date: Friday, December 19, 2008, 10:30 AM

Dear Kent

I assume you live in the North Texas area-----I have owned a Super
Maramu (Pao-San) #88 since 1999 and live in Arlington Texas. If you wish
to get together some time mutually acceptable I will be pleased to share
with you what I know about the boat. Since I purchased it, I have sailed
about 30,000. miles and invested in substantial improvements to the
boat. Presently the boat is in Norfolk Virginia getting prepared for a
year long trip to the Med. in May 2009.
My office number is 817 288-2600.
Best Jim Dernehl

____________ _________ _________ __

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Ahoy, Amel Family. New member here, just bought 1999SuperMaramu on
Lake Texoma. Trucking to Galveston this mo. and trying to get her
ready to go south by mid Jan. She needs a new set of sails, and I'd
like some opinions on what was recommended by Banks Sails Gulf Coast
after talking to Amel. He said that a 145% genoa was recommended for
anything up to 30kts of wind, and a smaller headsail ~110% for steady
winds of 20+.
145% genoa sounds like a LOT of sail. I was wondering if those you who
are sailing SuperMaramu' s are using this configuration and what you
think of it. If you're using something else, what?, and what are the
conditions your sailing in? I was thinking something more like 120-
130% genoa???

I'm going to need some hand-holding for a while, you'll probably hear a
lot from me in the coming months.

thanks in advance for your help.
Kent Robertson

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