Re: C-Drive vs Linecutter

Dean Gillies

I’ve removed the V bolt completely and have drained down the oil.  The attached pic shows the whole assembly. Two O-rings and two washers on the shaft. The O-ring at the top of the threaded shaft has perished.  The O-ring nearest the V is slightly damaged . 

I’m still not exactly sure how this assembly works to ensure both a tight seal and a correct vertical alignment of the V.

Maybe the real seal ends up being the mastic that Ian mentioned!

Kent, I’m not so keen to change the lip seals without any clear evidence that I need to do that.
I have not changed them before, and there was no problem until the ropecutter was installed in April this year. The evidence is very clear that the current problem is the Vbolt.  That doesn’t mean the lip seals are not about to start leaking of course !!

We launch every April and haul every Sep anyway so I’m not so concerned about that aspect.

Best regards

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