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Beaute Olivier

Hello Dean,

Bill's picture shows the original bolt and washer when no rope-cutter is installed. The washer has a built-in rubber "ring" that is necessary to get a good sealing.
The problem with the V-bolt is that it must match the fixed blade of the rope-cutter, and therefore, with the original washer, the matching position of the bolt may not be the tight position of the bolt. The "trick" is to add one more washer (for instance a soft copper one, like on cars oil case), not necessarily with a rubber ring, so that the bolt can be set with the V matching the blade, and tight.

If this is really too difficult to have the V-bolt matching the blade AND being tight, then, the mastic sealant will do the job. 

One more point about the three shaft seals: they may not leak (oil) when the boat is out of the water, but let water in when the boat is afloat, moreover if the shaft is rotating. 
And if there are more than 1000 hours since last service, you should think of replacing the bushing and seals now.

Bon courage.


On Wednesday, September 4, 2019, 07:57:11 PM GMT+2, CW Bill Rouse <brouse@...> wrote:


What you have doesn't agree with the way I remember the V Bolt. I don't have a photo of the V Bolt, but do have a photo of a new drain bolt to be used if you do not have a line cutter. You can see the metal washer and the absence of that smaller O ring that you have. I am fairly sure that this is what you need, rather than what you have.

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On Wed, Sep 4, 2019 at 12:47 PM SY STELLA <stella@...> wrote:

I’ve removed the V bolt completely and have drained down the oil.  The attached pic shows the whole assembly. Two O-rings and two washers on the shaft. The O-ring at the top of the threaded shaft has perished.  The O-ring nearest the V is slightly damaged . 

I’m still not exactly sure how this assembly works to ensure both a tight seal and a correct vertical alignment of the V.

Maybe the real seal ends up being the mastic that Ian mentioned!

Kent, I’m not so keen to change the lip seals without any clear evidence that I need to do that.
I have not changed them before, and there was no problem until the ropecutter was installed in April this year. The evidence is very clear that the current problem is the Vbolt.  That doesn’t mean the lip seals are not about to start leaking of course !!

We launch every April and haul every Sep anyway so I’m not so concerned about that aspect.

Best regards

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