Re: [Amel] santorin 1989


All Amel Santorin and Super Maramu boats had an anti-osmosis system
installed at the time of original construction. After the gel coat was put
on to the hull mold, a proprietary epoxy based anti-osmotic barrier was
applied behind the gel coat before the actual fiberglass laminations were
initiated. The reason Amel chose to put the barrier behind the gel coat was
to have the gel coat "protect" the epoxy to prevent damage from scratches
and possibly too aggressive sanding of anti- fouling. It has worked well
over the years as osmotic reactions on these series of Amel boats are very
rare and generally caused by improper maintenance procedures such as high
pressure sand/soda blasting of the hull to remove old anti-fouling.
The very early series of these models had the first version on the Amel
drive system that had an aluminum outer case in stead of the cast iron case
employed later. The aluminum case will, in every case, fail causing
destruction to the drive system. If you send a email to Amel service team at and tell them the hull number of the vessel in question, they
can tell you if the boat has the early drive system and also if it was
replaced by the cast iron unit.
Good luck with your pursuit of an Amel

All the best,
Joel F. Potter

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