Solar Panels

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Hello fellow Amel owners,

In 2017 I purchased Amelia in Grenada and built a solar and wind arch. It has been great. I installed what was available at the time; namely two 265w mono panels measuring 1655mm x 992mm.

I am pretty close to self sufficient if there is some wind, but as we all know you can not have too much power,  especially as I have a 2.4kw inverter that can soak up a lot of power. 

I am back in the UK for a few weeks and see, Canadian Solar have a mono 410w panel  measuring 1700mm x 992mm. The same width but only 45mm longer. This would pump out over 50% extra….in those two years the technology has improved a lot!!! The amazing thing is that the prices have fallen too. I paid US$ 363 for each panel. Still waiting on prices but will be less for sure. It would not be a huge expense to upgrade the panels as the whole infrastructure is already in place. 50% extra solar output is huge.

Does anyone have any opinion as to the very best panel to buy? Is there any specific technology I should look for? 

This is just brainstorming at the moment...

Happy sailing 


S/Y Amelia AML 54-019
Kefalonia, Greece.

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