Amel Euros 39 Repairs


Hi All:)
Please check my new photos in album 'SV.Darien'-this is example of the
bad repairs from the past...Hull area shows lots of osmosis 'patched'
with all sorts of materials eg. epoxy, polyester, vinylester..and the
car bog??!
The plan is to let the hull dry for aprox. 3 months until the moisture
level reach 2-3%.
Then fill up the bad areas and previously repaired spots with
cabosil/vinylester putty. After sending smooth will go 2 layers of
450g. biaxial cloth with vinyl ester following 2 layers of 6oz. cloth
with epoxy. This 2 last layers will go over/under the steel keel shoe which should give peace of mind about keel bolts condition(just can't
locate them).
All underwater area will be then smooth with microballoons/epoxy.
This should make this hull strong and problem free.
Can anyone add any comments or suggestion to this plan?
Best Regards to All.
Fair Winds
Amel Euros #88

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