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Matt Salatino

Who is your Chinese battery source? Is there a website?


On Sep 6, 2019, at 8:24 AM, Willem Kroes <kavanga@...> wrote:

Hi Arno,

I bought in China 8 100 Ah at 12 V LifePo4 batteries and imported these by myself into the Netherlands. The total coast was 400 euro per battery. So not cheap, but affordable. After 2 years of use I am very happy with these batteries. I changed the charging system as follows: I reprogrammed the Mastervolt 60A 24 V Chargemaster according to the battery specifications. I bought a new Prestolite 60 A alternator and the internal controller was removed by a Mastervolt dealer and a new Alfa Pro external controller was added and also programmed according to the battery specifications. When the batteries are full the alternator will stop charging and also the temp sensor will interfere when the alternator becomes too hot. First the charge will be half the full charge and when this is not enough the charge will stop at all. After two minutes or so it will start to charge again.
The old Dolphin 30 A charger can't be programmed, but as a backup it works fine after giving it a shock of low voltage by using the coffee machine together with the microwave for a very short time. Afterward the charger will continue charging (dip switch set to gel batteries). 

I haven't changed any 220 V applications until now., but I want to run the airconditioning unit for the aft cabin on the batteries in stead of using the gen set. I will need an electrician to arrange this.

Best regards,

Willem Kroes


now in the Ionian in Greece

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