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Patrick McAneny

Matt, Ok thats one vote for Fri. What is the name/model of your boat ?
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Cindy and I are driving in for the entire show. We have a previous engagement on Saturday, October 12, but Friday would be good.......


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Diane and I will be sailing to the boat show this year, as we have for the last 35 yrs. We would be anchored in the main anchorage and would invite everyone out to the boat for drinks and pizza and we could do that. But it may be more convenient to meet at a local restaurant across the street from the show. Mangia Italian Grill has great pizza ,etc. and is only about 100 ft. from the show. Friday or Sat. about 6:30 would work for us ,Sat. may be busier . If anyone would be interested, lets get a head count .
Seya There,
Pat & Diane,
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Iris and I will be driving over to Annapolis for the show.  If there’s a get-together for dinner and/or drinks, we’d like to join in.

Kent Robertson
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No problem.  JL Mertz's Speedi-Sleeve idea is a good one too as the surface finish on the shaft is really not good enough to ensure a good seal with the oil seal. 

Regarding the Annapolis Boat Show, we will definitely be at the show but we are not sure if we will taking Cara or just driving.  It's such a zoo around there at that time and we can't take the days off work to get there early enough to be ensured of a decent anchoring spot.  Definitely let me know what the plans are as they develop!

Mark McGovern
SM #440 Cara
Deale, MD USA

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