Re: Location of the fuse for the chain washing pump requested


Hi Willem, 
As Bill points out the circuit breaker is with the other 24V breakers in the engine room.  If the pump still does not work try rotating it manually for a few rotations--this happened to us a few years ago and that solved the problem--for 4 years so far.  Unlike the AC pump, this is not done with a screw driver inserted into a hole at the back of the pump.  While there is a Phillips head screw in the middle axis at the back of the chain washer pump, it is just a case screw.  To rotate the pump, insert a thin screw driver through the rear vent slots and rotate the shaft via the internal fan blades.  Like the other pumps, hoses and exchangers it is a good idea to flush these with fresh water after use and during storage. Salt-A-Way or similar products can help with deposits and prevent corrosion during non-use or storage.
Bob and Suzanne, KAIMI SM429

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