Re: C-Drive vs Linecutter

John Clark

Tim, I agree with Bill.  Not sure of the core foundational construction of the c-drive but I would bet a dollar that for that drain port the seal is the o-ring. I would replace the o-ring and liberally goop the nut with sealant.    The most likely source of water in the oil is the shaft seals.... especially if they are old.  I change mine every haul out(2-3 years) as the previous owners coached me to do and have not had any issues.  

It is fairly simple to do just be patient, clean the area and don't force anything.  

I used the heavy weight oil last time with no problems.

My SM is an early model but has the late model c-drive (and TMD-22) thanks to previous owner repower at La Rochelle in it should be the same as yours.

Regards,. John
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On Thu, Sep 5, 2019, 10:41 PM Tim Melbourne <tim@...> wrote:
Here's a related problem- either a crack or deep scratch along the surface that seats the V-plug O-ring (see attached photo).  
Last haul out my oil also came out milky, but the propshaft seals were 4 years past changeout date, so I can't know whether seawater got in under the O-ring via this crack or through the mainshaft seals. 
Anybody have an idea for a fix?   Fill it with epoxy and sand it fine?  Somehow put in a new seating?  
Previous owner said "Ignore it, it's been there since 2003." which I find unsettling. 

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