24v alternator deflection idler pulley

Nick Newington

Hello fellow Amel owners with this set up on the big 175A 24v alternator mounted on the aft end of the engine. I am in the UK and Amelia is in Kefalonia. I want to replace the two deflector idler pulleys shown in the photo as they roll slightly rough. I need to know the dimensions; length, height and also the diameter of the mounting bolt. The really accurate measurement needed is the bolt diameter, the other is about 70mm long and say 50mm high.
Does anyone with this set up know or could measure for me??

PS the belts shown in this photo are not correct, they are 16.8mm X 13mm and slightly too v’d. Also I have found that the toothed belts are not happy deflecting as above and that the correct ones are Gates 6952 or  Optibelt 5L 520 17mm X 9.5mm and outside length of 1321mm with kevlar cord. 

Kind regards

S/Y Amelia moored in Kefalonia
AML 54-019

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