Re: AMEL 55 -2012 — Replacing CLIMA aircon unit systems with a schiller central unit



It is at least a very big job, and possibly almost impossible job. 

The size of the remote chiller blower unit is smaller than a typical drop-in Climma Compact unit, and the saltwater condenser plumbing throughout the 55 does not exist. It is only in the engine room.

I recommend that you exhaust other means of sound reduction. I have been on several 55s and I did not notice loud sounds...maybe something is wrong.

I hope this helps.


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On Wed, Sep 11, 2019 at 4:13 PM Jose Alegria <Josealegr@...> wrote:
The CLIMA® unit systems of my Amell 55 - 2012 are inefficient and very noisy.
Someone in the group has experience with replacing to a  central schiller system.
All imputes are welcome

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