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There are a number of insertion rubbers available made of different rubbers.

What type did you use? What thickness did you use for the diaphragm and the flapper valves?

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Hi, in the absence of a kit to hand  I made copies of the flap valves out of thick insertion rubber. This a fibre reinforced rubber sheet. I found the replacements tended to take a curve and not seal well. I got about 5 years out of the ones I made. I have just installed a new diaphragm I made out of a suitable thickness insertion rubber sheet. I punched the centre hole, put it on the shaft, closed the pump on to it, held it there while I drilled the holes. Then bolted it up and trimmed around to outer size. Working well. I made a second while I was at it to put in spares. I have been carrying the insertion rubber sheet as spare for some years. If I get premature failure (which I doubt) Ill buy the replacement 

I could have bought one first up  but I enjoy the process.

Cruising again at last. At Volivoli, Viti Vevu Fiji. Had two magnificent dives with Wananuva dive this morning. Wow.



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I recently bought from Amel. The rubber valve is a reinforced new version ( see pic)


1 [03028] KIT POMPE MARINA ZZ 219424/ Electric bilge pump repair kit  E$124,60 plus VAT
2 [03219] CLAPET ASPIRATION POMPE HENDERSON 72621/ Rubber valve for electric bilge pump E$17,42 each  34,84 plus VAT





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Amel - sav@... recently had them for the Marina ZZ

TF Marine makes an identical pump. It is either number TM-50 or TM-70...not sure. I cannot tell you where to find TF Marine spares, except at Amel...Amel replaced the reya pump with TF Marine.




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Hi All, Does anyone know where to get the rebuild kits for the Reya Marina ZZ bilge pump. I got on the Reya website but if my translation is right they do not sell to individuals and a google search under their part numbers has not turned up any suppliers.
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