Re: AMEL 55 -2012 — Replacing CLIMA aircon unit systems with a schiller central unit

Jose Alegria

Bill, hi

Thank you very much for your opinion but I would like to detail the situation further and request your re-examination

The Amel 50 and 60 currently come equipped with a central chiller system  (Webasto ) and the last 55 at least from July 2017 have also been equipped with central chiller systems.

My actual situation: My 55 hull nº 3 comes with:
2 compact CLIMA in the aft cabin both of 3.5; in the saloon one of 7 plus other 12 and in the front  cabin another of 7; 5 equipments of a total of 33,000 btu, but 3,5 + 3,5 at the main cabin are clearly insufficient in places like Greece in July-August; They are totally ineffective and extremely noisy.
How to solve?
a) Installing new independent CLIMA or WEBASTO equipment,  increasing power in the aft cabin to at least 12-15 000BTU and benefiting from the fact that the most modern appliances have about 25% more cooling capacity,
b) keeping 5 equipment and also keeping the noise of the compressors in the noble spaces
following the current Amel philosophy by placing a WEBASTO  variable speed schiller  (Webasto V50) that drains only at 2.5 to 15 amp, not exceeding 5/8 amp in eco mode, and puts 5 air handlers (smaller than the compact units)
How change all pipes system?
Probably the path of the current saltwater circuit can be replaced by Schiller liquid (water and glycol).
I will also be able to take advantage of the condensate circuit to make the pipes pass through the same holes.
And maybe I need more new holes !....

I would be grateful for your more detailed appreciation of the issue.

Thanks in advance

Can you 

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