Re: SM main furler motor

Mike Ondra

Hi Dan.

I see you are SM#116 and looking at Bonfiglioli gearbox. We are Hull #240 with Leroy Somer MVA M33 gearbox but the reduction ratio should hold true depending on motor speed. Ours is 1:60 paired with a 3000 rpm motor.


Mike Ondra

Aletes SM#240 Chesapeake and Martinique bound


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Can you provide the model number and company you purchased it from for the Bonfiglioli MVF44.

Also, what does the gear ratio for the main furler and outhaul furler need to be?  There are many on line that have gear rations from 20:1 to 55:1...not sure what I have on both.

SM 116
San Diego, CA

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