Re: Soda Blasting of underwater GPR Area.

Nick Newington

Hi Ruedi,
In my opinion soda blasting is great at removing old paint and leaving a perfect surface for epoxy primer; so long as the operator knows what he is doing...
That is a big caveat. 
In the wrong hands the gelcoat can be damaged such that it will require some filling and fairing.
Perhaps you can see a sample of the work.
Sand and grit blasting are more aggressive and best avoided.

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Why don't you ask Amel?


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On Mon, Sep 16, 2019, 11:46 AM Rudolf Waldispuehl <Rudolf@...> wrote:

Looking for opinions from the AMEL Group about Soda Blasting


Because I don’t’ know the history of the last 12 years on WASABI what was below the recent AF, how many layer of AF etc. I have in mind to sand down all the old layers. Before I bought my beloved AMEL I owned an Aluminum Boat and treatment of underwater where different.  I got an offer from MANOEL Yacht Yard in Malta to remove old paint with Soda Blasting of the underwater GPR Area. 

I don’t know this process and asking the group of their knowledge and how good/bad it is for the undelaying Gelcoat? 

Is there anything to be aware or specific care to know when doing Soda Blasting?

I know from reading that sandblasting can damage the gel-coat, is Soda Blasting same or less invasive for the hull? 


Best regards



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