headsail furler locking pin.

Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi all,

the pin holding the headsail furler to the motor let go yesterday allowing the involuntary unfurling of the headsail. The pin must have lifted out of its hole to allow this to happen. The pin and its mechanism are still in place and when not under load functioning normally. For this to happen it would seem that the pin and/or the hole have become tapered. The fix would seem to be to remove the pin mechanism (photo attached) and turn the receiving plate and drill a new hole down through the hole for the mechanism. If the pin is worn as well repair or replace. So far so good. Has anyone removed this mechanism. Before I apply force to it I would like to be sure it is threaded in and not retained by another method. There is a hex on it, and looking closely it seems there is a build up of alloy around its base, if so this may have been done to prevent the fitting unscrewing involuntarily, a sensible precaution. I would appreciate the sharing of experience on this.

Thanking you in anticipation


SM 299

Ocean Pearl

Savusavu Fiji 


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