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Thanks Duane,

it would seem the later models had a different set up from mine at model 299. My emergency pulley is in one piece so not possible to separate it. Likewise different to Alan's in that there is not a nut securing the pin mechanism from below. The screwdriver slot on yours, did that unscrew the mechanism, if so perhaps the hex on the top of mine will do the same. In any event I don't have the easy access to the bottom plate you and Alan have. If I can get the mechanism out I believe my plan to drill a new hole in the plate by accessing through the hole for the mechanism will be an easy fix. Much easier than taking the foil down.

Olivier could you weigh in here. Do you know if the pin mechanism on 299 would be screwed in? See photo on my previous post.

Thanks all


SM 299

Ocean Pearl

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I had to do the same problem two years ago.  You need to remove the emergency rope furler from the foil.  On my boat (SM#477) it comes off in two halves, one on each side of the foil.  The pin is captive to the rope furler, it has a slot for a screwdriver on the bottom side.  I removed it and then had another one fabricated that was slightly longer.  I then ground the hole in the drive plate (that had been "scooped" out by the pin) so it had square edges to the top and bottom of the plate.  Reassemble and all was well.'

Wanderer, SM#477

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