Re :[AmelYachtOwners] OG Maramu Mizzen Sheet Cars

christian alby <calbyy@...>

Good day to you,
Try (Rig-rite Inc.)
They are the experts on vintage rigging (goiot incld) & their catalog is well documented.
I need to replace my travelers also & will send them a request.
Good hunting
Christian alby - Desirade VIII - Maramu 116 - Canet

Le mer., sept. 18, 2019 à 2:28, mr_hermanns
<jeremy@...> a écrit :
Hey there!

One of my Mizzen Sheet Cars has died on me - the center disk just shattered when using it last sail.

its a odd ‘Y’ shaped track and any replacement or part advice would be awesome!

Jeremy Hermanns - "Jer"
Maramu #105
Marina Del Rey, CA

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