Mast foot rubber seal pad

WASABI - Rudolf Waldispuehl

Hi Folks 

The mast foot rubber pad on my boat is quite brown and very brittle. I’m a bit nervous that it will leak one day (see pictures). 

I heard from Barry “Lady Penelope II” that he changed the Mast-Foot Rubber Pad in Hieres recently. 


I asked AMEL and got the answer that they haven’t done it very often and I should not worry about it. “Even it looks ugly and very worn there is no need to change it”, Amel said. In Hieres they did it first time 2 weeks ago with “Lady Penelope II”. Barry mentioned the rubber was like fluid and I’m confused about the answers from AMEL. 

What is your experience and who has done it on their SM or 54 over the years? 


Thanks a lot and kind regards




AMEL 54#55


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