Free or Tie-on the steering wheel

WASABI - Rudolf Waldispuehl

Dear Amel'ias

I’m curious about experience with tie on the steering wheel and maybe someone has a proven technical answer. 

When I’m on Anchor or in a Marina I always fix/tie the steering wheel in the cockpit with a rope. After this summer in many anchorages with some swell I was not sure anymore if these is the right solution. 


Always when small waves hitting the rudder the wheel tried to turn in one or other direction and there is a noticeable noise (little dong) on the cables. 

When I was loosing the rope then the noise was notable under the aft bed because the Autopilot linear drive gear is moving and made noise.   

I’m now quite unsecure which option is the better, -  fix the wheel or let it move around?  Both ways are working on either AP Linear drive and/or steering cables. 


Would be the best option to make a fix/tie on the rudder quadrant to stop moving? Has someone done it?
What is your experience and long-term observations? 


Thanks for your thought and best regards



AMEL 54#55

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