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Mark McGovern


I think some of the confusion has actually come from Amel.  Alan Grayson of Ora Pai (SM #406) recently rebuilt his Main Furler Assembly with parts from Amel.  They sent him a parts list that showed that one of the lip seals was 45mm ID x 58mm OD x 7mm Width.  However, the drawing that they also sent him showed that seal size was 45mm ID x 60mm OD x 7mm Width.  In addition, the seal that he removed from his Main Furler Assembly was 45mm ID x 60mm OD x 7mm Width.  This also matches the seal that I removed from Cara (SM #440).  So it is likely that the correct size is 45mm ID x 60mm OD x 7mm Width.  However, this does not mean that some Amels might not have a different size seal.  I think it is best for each owner to complete the tear down of the Main Furler Assembly and check/measure for themselves to be sure that they get the correct parts.  Obviously, that will cause some delay in getting the assembly back together and re-installed on the boat but oil seals, bearings and o-rings are all common items that are relatively easily sourced quickly and cheaply most anywhere.

Regarding what I found on Cara, there are four (4) seals in total in the Main Furler Assembly.  Three of them are standard lip seals also called oil seals or rotary shaft seals.  These are the kind of seals that we use for the C-Drive output shaft and the Bowthruster tunnel.  They are made from a combination of some kind of rubber and steel and have a garter spring.  The sizes of the lip seals that were installed in my Main Furler Assembly were as follows:

1 x 45mm ID x 60mm OD x 7mm Width
1 x 25mm ID x 33mm OD x 6mm Width
1 x 30mm ID x 40mm OD x 7mm Width

These seals are all designed and installed to keep the grease INSIDE the Main Furler assembly.  

The fourth seal is different.  It is a V-Ring seal that sits outside on top of the Main Furler assembly.  It's main purpose appears to be keeping contaminants OUT of the Main Furler.  I found this explanation of these types of seals here

V-Ring Seal Size:
1 x VA-45 (or VA-045) V-ring Seal:  40mm ID x 50mm OD x 9mm Width.  I ordered SKF Part # 400450.

Like I said in my previous post, once I have confirmed that everything that I have ordered to complete the rebuild of my Main Furler assembly is correct and everything installs properly, I will make a comprehensive post of the parts that I used as well as my parts sources here.


Mark McGovern
SM #440 Cara
Deale, MD USA

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