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Hi All

Grateful for your thoughts:

1. My 2008 A54 #102 has the Furuno GPS Navigator GP-150. It’s recently started sounding an intermittent No GPS alarm and, more frequently, a DOP Error alarm. It self tests fine. In Alarm settings I’ve selected OFF for the GPS alarm. I have selected RAIM OFF. I have tried to smooth the fixes by selecting a long interval. I’ve selected 3D/2D instead of 2D because the DOP threshold is (counter-intuitively?) less sensitive. But No GPS or DOP Error alarms still sound when underway. Sometimes several times in a few minutes and then, as I say, after an interval of over 30 minutes for just one time. In the port currently, 5-8 satellites are showing. 

I’m replacing all the Nav this winter but would like the equipment to work on passage tomorrow from Kefalonia to Malta via Sicily (320Nm). If I turn the GPS Navigator off (and use papercharts and iPad) then the Furuno auto pilot No Speed alarm sounds (despite me switching off that Alarm on the Autopilot!). 

One thought (credit Bill Rouse, thanks) is UV damage to the GPS antenna (in presumably usual location starboard side cockpit under hard Bimini roof). Any other thoughts / straightforward Autopilot workarounds please? 

2. AIS. I have Furuno Navnet vx2 at the Nav station. There does not appear to be an AIS option despite the boat having a receiver. It seems AIS vessels were only displayed on the helm repeater (not the Nav station plotter where there is no AIS option) but this plotter has ‘frozen’ and does not show current position regardless of repeated reconnection. I have tried Corrosion X in the terminals. Any thoughts on why this may not be working or can anyone tell me how to display AIS at the Nav station plotter please? 

UPDATE: Corrosion X has now solved the problem. Nav AIS working too. Still grateful for any help on Point 1 re GPS/DOP Error alarms please 

Thanks very much!

Tony Wells
A54 #102 Argostoli,
Kefalonia, Greece

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