Canvas work in Eastern Med

ngtnewington Newington

Hello fellow Amel owners,

I am thinking of getting some upholstery and canvas work done for Amelia. Specifically I want to replace the saloon cushions and covers. The foam itself is beginning to deteriorate and the covers are pretty tatty.
So that would be a case of replacing like for like.

In addition I would like to have a winter cockpit enclosure made. I have looked at the NV website and their design, it looks good but is pretty expensive.

Next year we will be sailing over to Turkey and the Dodecanese. I was thinking that I might get a good job done in Turkey for a reasonable price. Not to mention the VAT aspect of ordering from NV in France.

I am looking for recommendations for, I guess, Turkey.???? 

Kind regards


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 Kefalonia for now.

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