A54 fridge circulation pump

Sv Garulfo


We have flojet 32601 -0092 Quad series pump r4105512a. ( 12v, 1.5 A max, 1.6 gpm 6.1 lpm, 50 psi 3.4 max) installed onboard as circulation pump for fridges/freezer.

They are relatively easy to source.
We have previously replaced ours and have recently put the spare in service.
They seem to run for about 14months before the brushes wear out (more precisely, the springs on the brushes hit the backstops, brushes still having plenty of material). The pump can be dismantled and refurbished.
* For those running the same model, have you noticed similar lifespan?
* Has anyone installed an alternative model for longer service?
We weren’t expecting to have to replace them this often, and the brushes don’t seem to be available from the vendor for repair.
This may have already been addressed in a previous topic but we couldn’t locate the thread.



Thomas & Soraya
Rangiroa, French Polynesia


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