Re: A54 fridge circulation pump

Arno Luijten

Hi S&T,

Funny you mention this now. I have been using the Flojet pumps as recommended/supplied by Frigoboat. Those are actually 24 volt versions running on 12 Volt to lower the Amp-draw and extend the life span.
The first is true well enough but the second is not. We got 9 months of life out of a brand new pump. Completely worn out. Both the brushes and the commutator no longer serviceable.

So much for continuous duty for Flojet pumps. I have just ordered a March pump. This is a brushless pump with magnetic impeller coupling, so no shaft seal as well. It is a bit of a gamble as this pump is a volume-based pump and not a pressure-based pump like the Flojet.
But it is very much designed for continuous duty. As this is a centrifugal pump it is not self-priming but that is no problem given the location in the boat. The model is 893-11. This is a 12 volt version with open-air cooling and voltage protection. There is a 893-09 as well but model has no voltage protection and can supplied with two different motors of which only one is suitable. So the -11 is to be preferred.
So hopefully by end of November I will know if the pump is capable of moving enough water through the system to make three cooling compressors happy. Based on the displaced volume figures it should be no problem, but the hose/compressor circuit is quite long so the total resistance can be a problem. I paid approx US $250 for the pump, incl. shipping. Thanks to Alex Ramseyer (also on our forum) it will be delivered at my doorstep in some time (Thanks again Alex!).

You can find the pump here:

Arno Luijten
SV Luna,
St. Maarten

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