Re: A54 fridge circulation pump

Scott SV Tengah

I just went through this same saga. I purchased what I though were the 512A pumps, which Frigoboat actually rebrands and also sells as their own. Penguin Refrigeration UK advertised those on their website so I bought 4 of them, knowing that with two fridges and a third freezer, the pump is running nearly constantly.

They sent me the 4105-343 which they promised is as good or better. It lasted about 6 months. Thankfully we were aboard, otherwise we would have lost a lot of food! 

I contacted the director of sales at March and he said that their pumps would NOT be suitable for our application. Keep in mind that our refrigeration system was originally plumbed to circulate from the freshwater tank, so the March pump was unable to self-prime and consequently wouldn't work. Might be different with a saltwater cooling setup.

Lately I purchased the Marco UP-2P 24v pump and will run it as a 12v pump, just like the original Frigoboat. The specs seem similar, perhaps with less current draw. They use a teflon impeller gear, so that should be more durable than the diaphragm on the Flojet. Bad news is that it's got brushes and Marco expects 2500-3000 hours from it. The upside is that I can quickly and cheaply replace the seals and brushes. I will install it after the second Frigoboat pump dies and will let everyone know if it works well and lasts longer than 6 months..

2007 A54 #69
SV Tengah

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