Gennaker + furler for sale

Scott SV Tengah

Hi all,

We are selling our Deme Voiles gennaker (100 square meters) and Facnor FX4500 furler. It's in good shape and has only a few small stains which can probably be removed. It's a great sail and the only reason we're selling is that the previous owner also included a laminate code zero, which covers roughly the same range as the gennaker. 

Attached are some photos. The sail on the right with the Amel logo is the gennaker. I can take more pics of it next time we have suitable conditions, if you'd like. Add a halyard and you have everything you need to fly the gennaker. In sub 10 knot true winds, it can make the difference between sailing and motoring. At around 10 knot true, we see an additional knot or two SOG vs. using our Genoa.

The furler is $3000 new and the gennaker is a little over $6000.

The whole package is for sale for $4000, less than half the original price. I'm on the US East Coast now, will be going to the Annapolis boat show in a few weeks and then down to the Eastern Caribbean, including Martinique in mid November. Of course, I could ship, too.

2007 A54 #69
SV Tengah

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