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Oliver Henrichsen, SV Vela Nautica


We got 1 fridge and freezer in our boat, we gave the freezer in the pantry a complete refit.

1. Step is to refit AMEL freezer insulations. We removed the complete old imsulation. Sorry to say but it was poorly build in terms of condens water block, open sidecuts at the old foam boards so the foam was soaked with condens. Beside tha this foam is only max 60mm what is not enough for tropics. Because of limited space we choose most efficient isolation boards.
It needs to remove the complete freezer. The only way to do so was to enter from the top and chop the wooden boards, also soaked with water and mould. Wood is not a propper insulation for freezers.
2. Step ist to install a condenswater block membrane.
3. Step install install sandwich vacum boards. These boards got factor 5 of insulation against standard closed cell foam. So with 6cm it eaquals 20 to 24 cm foam.
4. We reused the original stainless inside case. The hole process needs extremly carefull work that there is not the tinies hole left for condens water to enter. What you get is insulated like a thermos bottle.

With this upgrade of freezer the compressor stops 24h working and with that the cooling pump. But we did not touch the fridge. With that we got on times of freezer of 2h per day and fridge of 3h per day. The new controller cares that both units will work at the same time when ever possible. Example: so the cool pump wont run first for the fridge and 5 mins later when the freezer starts it will rum again. The "intelligent"
Controler cares that operating times are bundled.
We got these operating times with 30 degrees outside temperatures.

I did not change the pump, I changed the pump motor and motor controller to brushless. My pumps never failed it was always the brushed motor and bearings that wore out.

With these steps the cooling system works efficient.

I will look for the brands i used later and post it.


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Could you tell us more about upgrading/replacing the freezer insulation? I assume you mean the one under the settee? 

Did you scrape off all the old insulation and replace? What model vacuum boards did you use? I, too, notice that my freezer compressor is running 24h.

2007 A54 #69
SV Tengah

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