Re: Bow thruster seals


Hi Danny,
I've wondered about this.  How do you spot water in the bow thruster?
Bob, KAIMI SM 429

Flashback:  Years ago (12?) our Santorin we were anchored near Ocean Pearl outside the Annapolis boat show.  Earlier I had mentioned that we always leave a note with our names and cell phone numbers near our helm.  Got a call from Danny as we were headed to our dingy from the show....a Pinky Schooner was on a rope rode and wandering around smacking into boats.....Danny had remembered this and located our number and called us.  The schooner had bent our lifeline tubing but we were able to prevent another attack (with his help) and warn other boats!  We've always left our number in the cockpit--actually had a plastic placard made up-- AND we use magic marker to put our cell numbers on the dingy transom.  

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