Re: Lithium and the "first mover" dilemma

Scott SV Tengah

I think the key is to design the system effectively to avoid battery killing events: 

1) Overvoltage
2) Undervoltage
3) Overtemperature

You probably noticed that the subtext of my long post was mostly "what can I do so I do not kill these expensive batteries??"

I would argue that lifepo4 users today are not early adopters. The technology has been around since 1996, so over 20 years. Cruisers, in general, are understandably conservative and we're the same. If one just wants a simple system that you don't have to plan out and can take user error and keep going, lead is probably still the way to go.

The benefits of lithium were just too numerous for us to consider buying another set of lead batteries that may last two years and I don't mind a little advance planning/thinking to ensure we don't kill our lifepo4 batteries prematurely. But we're also realistic and I am confident I can replace the batteries with a set of lead acid if we're stuck in the middle of nowhere and need new batteries. It just takes knowing your chargers.

But you're right, if they die prematurely, my tone may be very different. That said, I've heard people tell me, "Yeah, you may like your furling main, just wait until you're in a storm and it jams on you - your tone will change then." That hasn't happened, but I guess I can't prove a negative.

You have to decide for yourself if the reward is worth the risk.

2007 A54 #69
SV Tengah

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