Re: Lithium and the "first mover" dilemma

Paul Osterberg

Thomas, I considering converting this winter to Li batteries, From Ev Powers I got an offer
for Winstone cells  24X 130 Ah i.e 390 Ah 24 for 5200 Euro including BMS. My old Victron 24/70/3000 combined charger inverter can be re programmed,Victron solar MPPT controllers I believe can be re programmed, but no big deal to buy two new <300 Euro for two.. The alternator might need a new regulator say another 600 Euro. miscellaneous say total 6000 Euro add 1000 Euro for unforeseen . should not be fare from that number to convert I believe. The big question will it last for 3000 cycles or more? 
The reason for having 3x130 Ah is if one or more cells go bad I still have 260 Ah capacity. 
Paul on SYKerpa SM#259 Lagos Portugal

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