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Mike Ondra



Pat (Shenanigans) is putting together a dinner Friday downtown at Magnia’s. He will undoubtedly have updates on specifics.


Some of us may not still be in town Friday evening, or may be interested in getting together several times. It would be nice to put faces to the names we see on this BB, and swap stories.


Aletes plans to be anchored at the mouth of Back Creek Thursday, off the Sailing School and Maritime Museum. If there is interest in another Amel gathering Thursday evening also, I suggest Davis’. Its on Back Creek near the Maritime Museum. Please advise.


In any case Aletes looks forward to visits from other Amelians at any time.


Mike Ondra

Aletes SM#240

Cell for texts: 610-442-7551


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So is there any official place and time we can all meet up?

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