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Thanks for the information, Olivier.  Much appreciated!

As promised, here is the complete list of parts that I used to overhaul the Manual Mainsail Furler assembly on Super Maramu Cara Hull #440:


Bearings (ID x OD x Width):

1 x 32009 Tapered Roller Bearing; 45mm x 75mm x 20mm 

1 x 6005 Ball Bearing; 25mm x 47mm x 12mm


Oil Seals (aka Lip Seals): 

1 x Oil Seal; 45mm X 60mm X 7mm

1 x Oil Seal; 25mm X 33mm X 6mm  

1 x Oil Seal; 30mm x 40mm x 7mm


V-Ring Seal:

1 x V-Ring Shaft Seal VA-045; For Shaft Diameter 43mm-48mm; ID 40mm; OD 50mm; Width 9mm


O-Rings (Cross Section x ID):

1 x O-Ring 2mm x 94mm

1 x O-Ring 1.5mm x 62mm



4 x Socket Head Cap Screw; 316L Stainless Steel; M6 x 50mm x 1.0 Thread Pitch

4 x Socket Head Cap Screw; 316L Stainless Steel; M6 x 25mm x 1.0 Thread Pitch
1 x Set Screw; 316L Stainless Steel; M5 x 6mm x 0.8 Thread Pitch

Comments and "Unusual" Tools Used:

  • Bearing Splitter/Puller Kit to remove the old bearings from the shaft.  This was especially needed for removing the rusted tapered roller bearing.
  • Hydraulic Press to press the shaft out of the housing.  It was not necessary as it did not require much force at all but I have it so I used it.
  • Hydraulic Press to press the bearings back onto the shaft.  Again, this was not necessary as I could have tapped them on with a hammer using the installation "tools" below.  In the field you can use some heat to expand the bearings (oven) and some cold to contract the shaft (freezer) to install the bearings.
  • "Tool" for mounting 32009 Tapered Roller Bearing:  Scrap piece of Stainless Steel Round Tube 51mm OD; 47.5mm ID (2.0" x 0.065") about 70mm long
  • "Tool" for mounting 6005 Ball Bearing:  Scrap piece of Aluminum Round Tube 31.8mm OD; 26.5mm ID (1.25" x 0.083") about 50mm long
  • Four (4) longer Socket Head Cap Screw; M6 x 65mm x 1.0 Thread Pitch were used to align and re-install the Delrin piece that goes around the winch socket.  They were replaced with the proper M6 x 50mm x 1.0 Thread Pitch screws.  The Delrin piece is a "press fit" into the furler housing.  Freeze the Delrin piece overnight before re-installing to shrink it and make it easier to re-install.  
  • Anti-seize (Tef-Gel) was used when re-installing the Stainless Bolts into the Aluminum housing to make it easier to disassemble in the future for me or the next owner.
  • The seals that I removed were all single lip (SC) seals. I'm sure you could use double lip (TC) seals for better sealing at only slightly higher cost.
  • All hardware was in good enough shape that I could have definitely re-used it.
  • Duane from Wanderer uploaded some great pics and information here that were a tremendous help to me: 

I did not add links to the specific parts that I purchased above since these links tend to change over time.  However, below is a list of some of the sources that I have used to purchase replacement components for this and other projects on my Super Maramu.  Oddly, some of the most affordable places that I found to buy bearings from are in the United Kingdom despite the fact that I live in the USA. Even when I factored in shipping costs.  All of these sites carry at least some of the better quality brands like SKF, FAG, Koyo, Timken, and NSK. I purchased SKF bearings.




Oil Seals:


V-Ring Seals:


O-Rings: (excellent selection and usually a low Minimum Order Quantity)



As many of you already know, the last three companies listed (McMaster, Grainger, and MSC) are big online "MRO" companies.  They carry pretty much all of the items you need for this project but for the most part you don't know what brand you are buying and the parts tend to cost higher than they do on the sites that I listed for the bearings, seals, and o-rings.

I hope this helps some of you gather all the parts, tools, and other bits you need to tackle this job.  Good luck!

Mark McGovern
SM #440 Cara
Deale, MD USA

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