Re: Chain and Anchor

Paul Brown

I also have a Waelder chain and for the last two years it has shown no issues around the Med, but I was anchored in Villefranche for a couple of weeks last month and noticed that it had some stains that appeared to be rust when I retrieved it, however it doesn’t appear to be permanent and perhaps only from the local weed or something on the bottom. I have not had any other issues with it and I anchor the majority of the time. 

Has or will the surface rust disappear or was it just from the local area?

Regards, Paul - Fortuna II 55/17

On 28 Sep 2019, at 20:14, Alexander Ramseyer <alexramseyer@...> wrote:

I bought the best available Waelder chain 1,5 years ago. Up here at the U.S. east coast she stays nice but in the Caribbean it instantly showed surface rust. Didn't like to see that and was constantly cleaning. A friend on another boat in the Caribbean had his Waelder showing serious pitting after only 4 years. So it really depends where you are using your chain, but Waelder is definitely overselling the quality of their product in warm/salty  waters. I won't buy it again.

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