Re: Headsail furler issues


It can be mechanical problem in the worm gear mechanism. It happened on my boat.
The bearing on one side of the worm failed and was jamming one direction of rotation.


On Sun, Sep 29, 2019, 9:45 AM Adam Body <adamgcbody@...> wrote:
Thank you Ian,Bill and Danny for the very helpful responses.  I have checked the "in" solenoid, pressed the button on the bottom, and there is 24 V coming through (measured by multimeter so no load). It does have a very healthy click sound when the cockpit switch is activated, so the likelihood is that it is ok.  So..... then I located new brushes on the boat, and replaced all 4. There was quite a bit of graphite dust when I took off the bottom plastic brush covers. But .... the problem persists! The "out rotation" works fine. The "in" rotation works very infrequently, and then only after holding the cockpit switch down for an extended few seconds. I am now thinking I need to remove the motor and take it to an auto electrician to clean it up and test the windings, armature etc.
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