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Paul Brown

Thanks for the image and thought Joerg 

I think the only productive way over the wheel house is again as you’re plan, 1 panel on either side of the boom with separate controllers or both panels wired in parallel is optimum. 1 panel covering that area would not be very productive as it would be shaded most of the time, even the shading from stay wires will greatly reduce production of that and any other panel connected in series. The most productive position is aft over the dingy davits and if possible above the height of the mizzen boom, I expect this is why there are so many solar arches added to the aft these days...

Kind regards Paul 

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very helpful, yes, thanks much Paul.  I have 400W in the same space - that's an easy upgrade.  I figure I can install at least 500W on the wheel house.  Space available over the fixed portion up to the opening hatches is about 1300 long x2100 wide - so could have 2 panels with separate regulator - one port, one starboard.  I have to find panels that are 1300 long and about 1000 wide.  Remember that my main sheet isn't an issue because it ends on the mizzen mast, not the wheel house.  But A55 No. 3 with your mainsheet setup has one panel and the owner is very happy with it.  See pic.

Cheers Joerg

Joerg Esdorn
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