Re: Antifouling for the Mediterranean

Paul Brown

Hi David 

Depending on what antifoul is on there already, you should find this out and check what you can use next or how to prepare 

Once the hull is prepared and you know the gel shield is good 2 good and thorough coats of international 350 is what I would recommend as I have used this and international micro extra UE for many years and it should last at least two full years, it’s worth the cost compared to cheaper products that may not last as long, of course this is my experience 

You may want to check the difference between international micron extra eu, I’m not sure but maybe formulated better for the Mediterranean 

Of course supervising the preparation and application is well recommended as preparation is as important as application and the correct product 

I once achieved 3 years out of two good coats of international however I did need to dive every few months during the third year to remove some growth, which you should do regardless to polish your prop and other fittings

Congratulations and all the best with you wonderful boat

I hope this assists 

Kind regards Paul - Fortuna II 55/17

On 30 Sep 2019, at 9:04 am, David Crisp <david@...> wrote:

Hi all,

Just acquired an Amel 54 (#58) and having her hauled and anti-fouled.  I  am going to remain in the Mediterranean and some advice would be valued.
The yard is offering International Unipro or for an extra €210 per coat International 350. A number of questions:-

(1)  One or two anti-fouling coats? 
(2)  If two coats is it likely to last two years?  (2 years would fit well with the changing the propshaft bushing/seals and bow thruster maintenance}
(2)  Is International 350 worth the extra money?

David Crisp, SY Wilna Grace

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