Gearbox for outhaulAmel

Joerg Esdorn

For a few weeks or possibly months, the outhaul furler has been slower than the main furler on my A55.  Amel had me check the current limiter - it’s ok - and then had me check the current when furling.  The main furler was about 15A, the outhaul however was 60 to 70 A.  The diagnosis is that I have a failed bearing in the gearbox for the furler.  I’m only 200 miles away from my winter location- do I need to deal with this issue now?  How difficult is it to take the gearbox off and replace the bearing?  The boat is from 2016 so hopefully I don’t have the problem with the seized shaft which has been the topic of lots of discussions on this forum.   Many thanks for any thoughts. 

Joerg Esdorn
A55 Kincsem
currently in Cascais 

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