Re: Volvo TMD22 Timing Belt

Denis Elborn

Hi Mike,

The genuine timing belt kit which include the tensions and idle pully I bought from Keypart Ltd for 156.70 UKP. I think it’s prudent to change the pulley’s for that small amount given the cost if one fails. Not wishing to upset the timing again I also changed the water pump 90.90 UKP.

Regards, Denis
Aventura A54-113

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Volvo powered owners,
In contemplating the replacement of the timing belt, I note that, for example, Parts4Engines packages the timing belt along with the tensioner and idler. I could not find in the Volvo service manual that those additional items should be routinely replaced as well. What have other owners experienced regarding the tensioner and idler? These parts, at least from Parts4Engines, are considerably more expensive than just the timing belt.
Mike Ondra
Aletes SM#240

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