Davits & solar panels

David Crisp

Hi All,
I'm fitting davits and ~900W of solar panels to an Amel 54.
I've had the good fortune to be able to pick up a pair of secondhand Simpson S300 electric davits (SWG 300kg). My contractor here in France has reasonable experience of Amels and is proposing to mount the solar panels directly on top of the davits - i.e. the davits will take 100% of the load. 
With a Highfield 290 RIB (aluminium) plus Honda 15HP OB I estimate the total weight of dinghy, motor, misc, solar panels will come in well under 300kg - the rating of the davits.  I'm not an engineer, so please excuse this if it's a bit dumb, but I'm a little nervous about placing all that load on the base of the davits/hull. Specifically, whilst clearly the davits will take the load it's more where they are mounted on the stern of the boat I'm bothered about.  At the risk of falling foul of "don't buy a dog and then bark yourself" I'm wanting to validate the opinion of my expert'. Bottom line it is my boat and my responsibility. So.... any experience others have had or comments?

Scott, SY Tengah, I notice you built quite a complex structure on Tengah.  You've got a couple of uprights going directly onto the hull as well as a couple onto the davits. Was this because of something you learned, the yard not being quite so knowledgeable or maybe because your davits have a lower SWG rating?

Best, David
SY Wilna Grace

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